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Welcome to the Web Site of James Middleton

The intention of this site is to serve as an educational resource


Note.   All photos displayed on this web site are from the camera of James Middleton.
Photos; Perched high in the Dong Shan Mountain range, the oldest known home of Nature Dao study.  
. Temple dedicated to Lao Zi.

Warm greetings to you

James Middleton has been working as a full time practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 1992. From 1977, he has pursued an ongoing study of the ancient cultures of India and then China. This interest was originally initiated by a wish to read the classical philosophical works reappearing generation after generation and revered by their respective cultures. Some of these works emanate from the earliest days of writing; some are compilations from the times before writing. The discovery of depth of lineage and obvious high intelligence existing within the medical and philosophical traditions (they merge together) of China, convinced him of an existing knowledge resource regarding treatment of disease, and the achievement of health, happiness and long life (always highly prized in Chinese culture). Throughout this time he has practised the physical arts, including; Karate, he taught Hatha Yoga for three years and has practised from the age of 29 ongoing - Tai Ji Quan, Wu Gong (Chinese martial arts) and Nature Dao (the study of nature) including meditation. He was a senior of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Aust.) martial and physical arts school (before the Academy closed due to retirement) and now continues as a co-instructor of these same courses at another venue.

The pursuit of knowledge has taken him three times to India for a total stay of one year, twice to America, another year, and six times to China, where he has presented research papers at international conferences. His TCM education was under Professor Wong Lun, OAM, (now retired) Principal and founder of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Aust.). James was associated with the Academy and sat on the Academy Academic and Education Advisory Committee. He has qualifications as a workplace assessor and was a Practitioner In Charge, of the academy student clinic. He served as secretary of the Traditional Medicine of China Society for eight years. He served as an academy senior practitioner on Wednesday evenings and was senior assistant to Professor Wong Lun in clinic Tuesday mornings for eighteen years. His own clinic is in Clarendon St. South Melbourne.


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