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f. Zhi Liao - Treatment

The initial approach was to release/relieve any prevailing pressure of structural arrangement. This is to cause effect upon structure, i.e. all joints and the musculoskeletal system utilising the specialist methods of Wu Yi, in order to gauge its impact upon the signs and symptoms. To this end;

1. The lateral leaning of the upper and lower spine was adjusted in the standing position by placing the patients right arm across her chest grasping the opposite shoulder, and the left arm grasping the right shoulder and providing firm traction. Subsequent to this manoeuvre she was standing straight as demonstrated by comparing the parallel line at the posterior border of the shoulder blades.

2. The obvious Thoracic 3. and T.6.disharmony was addressed in the standing position.. Patient was asked to interlock his fingers behind his head and place her feet wide apart. Firm traction was applied causing extension to the compressed vertebrae and associated structures.

3. In the supine position, patient was placed on his side and traction was applied causing a stretch to extend from the right shoulder to the right hip, to release the obvious compression of the Lumber Vertebrae and associated structures.

4. Both legs and arms were rotated throughout their natural arcs and all joints checked for integrity.

Note. At no juncture was pressure applied upon any single point or his body placed in an unnatural position

The above three methods of traction attempts too relieve over all postural pressure and ease misalignment of natural arrangement, including lessor joints and associated structures i.e. musculature and tendons. The main feature at this point was the immediate relief of the cold, tight sensation pervading his chest.

The Chen level pulse on the left wrist disappeared and pulses on both sides strengthened. We can assume the correction of arrangement released the inhibition of Yang Qi spread throughout the major meridians, particularly; Zu Tai Yang (Bladder) and Du Mai (Governing Vessel), Zu Tai Yang Jing Jin, and Shao Yang Ming (Lg. Intestine) etc.

Treatment continued with;

1. Massage of the whole back and neck to loosen the muscles and tendons, and invigorate the superficial circulation.

2. Spooning (Gua Sha) Jia Ji to clear blood stasis (Xue Yu of the Zu Tai Yang Jing Jin).

3. Two line spooning (Guasha) from Feishu - Bl. 13, to Pishu - Bl. 21, to clear blood stasis (Xue Yu from Zu Tai Yang) meridian.

4. Cupping. Small cup slide up and down the spine, especially T.3. -T.6. Clear blood stasis – Xue Yu of the Du Mai meridian.

5. Huo Guan - Cupping; Dazhui - Du.14, to drain wind and heat (Xie Feng Re). Feishu - Bl. 13. Pishu - Bl. 21. Shenshu - Bl. 24.

6. Gua Sha – spooning; Very light as region is very tender, at Zhong Fu – Lu. 1, and Yun Men – Lu. 2. Free and disinhibit the lung Qi and to rectify the joints (Tong Li Fei Qi and Li Guan Jie).

7. Ba Sha – pinching; At Shanzhong - Ren. 18, to loosen the chest and disinhibit the Qi (Kuan Xiong Li Qi)

8. Huo Guan - Cupping; Daheng - Sp. 15. Tianshu - St. 25. Zhongwan - C.V. 13. Zhangmen - Liv. 13, to course the liver and rectify the Qi and disinhibit stagnant accumulation (Shu Gan Li Qi and Hua Ji Zhi).

g. Acupuncture - Zhen; Qu Fang - Formula

1. Bleed one drop from Dazhui - Du.16. to drain wind and heat (Xie Feng Re).

2. Bleed first fingertips and the thumbs to reduce the heat toxin (infection) within lung and Lg. Intestine (Xie Re Du, Fei and Da Chang).

3. Reduce (Xie) tactic both sides, Tiaokou - St. 38. Bu tactic Chize - Lu. 5. Lieque - Lu. 7.

4. Needle in and out at Tiantu - Ren. 22.

After this procedure both left and right pulses were balanced. The Xian and Hua pulse character was much less apparent. The lung (Fei) pulse was still the weakest pulse.

The main feature at this point was the immediate release of pressure from his chest and complete relief from breathlessness, he reported being able to take a deep and full breath without coughing.

Perhaps even more important was an immediate easing of the acute symptoms of breathlessness, tight chest and coughing, which would normally lead him to hospitalisation and stronger medication. We can assume the immediate dynamic effect of the treatment is caused by the improved communication between the upper, middle and lower warmers (San Jiao). I.e. to clear Blood stasis and Qi stagnation (Xue Yu Qi Zhi), blocking at the diaphragm, plus the diffusion of the lung Qi (Xuan Fei) to down bear counter flow and transform the phlegm (Jiang Yi Hua Shi).

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