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h. Herbal Formula

1. Ren Shen Ge Jie San:

To boost the Qi and clear the lung (Yi Qi Qing Fei)
Alleviate cough and stabilise panting (Zhi Ke Ding Chuan)

2. Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan:

Clear heat and Transform phlegm (Qing Re Hua Tan)
Disinhibit the Qi and suppress cough (Li Qi Zhi Ke)


Since his first visit in Jan 1998 P.G. has only needed three days of hospitalisation on one occasion, this was due to an allergic reaction and not due to Cystic Fibrosis. Our strategy has been such that he comes in for treatment at the first sign of any problem. Our goal being to recover his symptoms before needing hospitalisation or stronger medications (which deplete him even though they help him), at these times he perhaps needs two or three sessions in one or two weeks. Treatment is always directed at the prevailing presentation. During times when he is feeling well and happy there is little urgency regarding regular treatments or herbal medications.

There is however an encouraged urgency regarding daily practice of a whole body basic exercise regime, (as prescribed by any academy of T.C.M. medical practitioner) including four different kinds of breathing exercises, also advice regarding lifestyle and dietary guidelines. Altogether, this approach increases his understanding about every part of the body, how to use and strengthen every part and how to coordinate every part, all aimed at fulfilling the principle of making the physical body and spirit stronger. His progress in health has been steady and sure. Lung function tests show an increase in volume and all signs are positive. His medication regime has dramatically reduced and he and his partner are looking forward to a bright future.

Over the years we have employed many variations of method and technique. Below is one grouping of the variations of Acupuncture points commonly employed.

Qu Fang - Main Formula

Use lung - Fei, Renmai, Bladder - Pangguang and Wei – stomach meridians.

Chize - Lu. 5. Lieque - Lu. 7. Tiantu - Ren. 22. Shanzhong – Ren. 17. Qihai - Ren 6. Feishu - Bl. 14. Shenshu - Bl. 23. Tiaokou - St. 38

The above is a commonly employed main formula, to be specific to the condition we will need to adjust according to Jia Jian – adjustments.

Fang Yi - Formula Explanation.

• Lung meridian; Chizi - Lu. 5. Lieque - Lu. 7. Shu Feng Jie Biao and Xuan Fei Zhi Ke - course the wind and resolve the exterior and diffuse the lung and stop cough.

• Ren Mai meridian; Tiantu - Ren. 22. Shanzhong - Ren. 17. Qihai - Ren 6. Hua Tan Ping Chuan - transform phlegm calm the panting.

• Chize - Lu. 5. Feishu - Bl. 13. Xuan Fei Hua Tan and Ping Chuan - diffuse the lung, transform phlegm and calm panting.

• Qihai - Ren 6. Shenshu - Bl. 24. Xuan Fei Na Qi Ping Chuan - diffuse the lung, aid Qi absorbs ion and calm the panting. The reason we need to aid Qi absorbs ion - Na Qi, is because of either a lung or kidney problem. The kidney acts to draw the lung Qi down to be grasped by the kidney Qi, to assist this function we employ Shenshu - Bl. 24.

• Fenglong - St. 40. Lead Qi downwards, transform phlegm and dampness - Jiang Qi Hua Tan and Shi, clear phlegm from the lung and alleviate cough and wheezing - Hua Tan Xuan Fei Zhi Ke.

The whole formula acts to Jian Pi Xuan Fei Hua Tan Zhi Ke and Ping Chuan - diffuse the lung, transform the phlegm, stop cough and calm panting.

Jia Jian - adjustments, add to the main formula.

If cause is wind cold - Feng Han.

Add, Hegu L.I.-4. Fengmen - Bl. 12.

To Xing Wen Jie Biao, - pungent and warm exterior resolving. These two points have a similar effect as with the herbal function. After adding the above points, the function of the whole formula is Xuan Fei Zhi Ke Ping Chuan – diffuse the lung, stop the cough and calm the panting.

If cause is wind heat - Feng Re.

Add, Dazhui - Du.14. Quchi - L.I. 11.

To Qing Re Xuan Fei Zhi Ke - clear heat diffuse the lung stop cough.

If cause is phlegm - Tan.

Add, Feishu - Bl. 13. Fenglong - St. 40.

To Jian Pi Hua Tan Ping Chuan - fortify the spleen, transform the phlegm and calm the panting.

If cause is liver fire - Gan Huo.

Add, Ganshu - Bl. 18. Taichong - Liv. 3.

Apply a reduce - Xie, tactic to reduce the fire, to Zhi Ke Ping Chuan - stop the cough and calm the panting.

Fenglong - St. 40. Is on the stomach Yang Ming Jing, this point will help clear the centre warmer Qi.

Also ease shortness of breath - Chuan Ni, copious phlegm and oppression in the chest.


Acknowledgments; Professor Wong Lun for the education he has disseminated.

The first pages describing the rationale for Wu Da Liao Fa were from a presentation in China in 1997 titled; The Wu Da Liao Fa - an illustrative exposition, written and presented by Rafael Vavala. He is a senior clinical Practitioner, senior martial arts instructor and a scribe for the Academy of T.C.M. Australia.

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